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aikojae's Journal

Aiko Jae

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You have stumbled upon Aiko Jae's journal. She's very shy towards strangers but once people get to know her she's a very humourus girl that loves to have fun. She spends most of her time playing video games and watching silly programs on YouTube. She loves art and music, if she can have it her way she would spend her life drawing, painting, and play her piano. Her current infatuation is Korean music, her favorites are Kangta, Tei, Dong Bang Shin Ki, H.O.T, and Minwoo. She loves to collect make-up because of all the colors they come in although she doesn't wear make-up very often since she doesn't think that she is attractive enough. Reading is her way of leaving reality, she loves to read horror and mysteries. Though she may not write much in her journal, she is always willing to make new friends.